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Best Woods for Smoking Cheese

Most of the things I have shared here is about smoking meat. But I want to let you in a little secret that not everyone knows about. It’s smoking cheese, yes you read it right; you can smoke cheese, too! The best woods to smoke cheese would depend on the […]

Cutting Pork

Cutting Meat Against the Grain: What, How & Why

It is no secret that I love cooking and eating, which is why I try my best to learn everything I can about preparing perfectly cooked meat, whether it’s beef, pork, or chicken. I am mostly frustrated when I end up with chewy meat, which I blame for the freshness […]

Pellet Smoker

Using a Smoker in the Rain (Here’s how)

Ever feeling frustrated by the unpredictable rain on your planned grilling session? My thoughts are with you dear Melburnians. From my research on this topic, here is the short answer to using a smoker in the rain. Using a smoker in the rain is generally safe when safety measures are […]

Pellet Smoker

What Temperature to Smoke Ribs At

When I first got my pellet smoker, one of the first things I want to try is to smoke ribs as I enjoy eating them. So I got into googling the details of perfecting cooking ribs, such as the temperature to smoke them at. As a general rule of thumb, […]