Xbox One Games Can Also Be Controlled With Mouse And Keyboard

Xbox One games can also be controlled with mouse and keyboard in the future, if the developers consider this input option to be useful. Microsoft wants to give the studios the possibility to incorporate mouse and keyboard support into their game as an alternative to the gamepad.

The company emphasizes in the Microsoft blog that mouse and keyboard are still optional on the Xbox One. Developers are not forced to include support in their game. How widespread mouse control becomes in console games depends on the game developers themselves. Microsoft only provides infrastructure and expertise. According to the company, both wired and wireless mice and keyboards will work.

Warframe Is The First Game Supported

The first game to be officially controlled on Xbox with mouse and keyboard is the cooperative online shooter Warframe.  Warframe is an online action game set in a science fiction world. Divided is the game in different missions, which one selects over a map of the solar system and thus goes on different planets. Up to four people, up to eight on difficult missions, work together in Warframe to meet their mission goals. These may consist of fighting certain enemies, collecting data, protecting artefacts, or simply surviving as long as possible. With each mission, you also learn more about the world behind the game. You can also check for Warframe platinum discount codes.

All Tenno wear a so-called Warframe, a battle suit that you can choose at the beginning of the game. Each Warframe has its abilities that can be upgraded with experience points throughout the game. Also, each Tenno is equipped with three weapons, including at least one long-range and one melee weapon. Warframe is played in a third-person perspective. The players do not only have to fight but also climb the levels in Parkour fashion. The Tenno can not only jump, sprint and roll, but also walk along walls for a short time or do double jumps. Warframe is a so-called Free2Play title, which is financed by micropayment. For real money, you can acquire content such as weapons, warframes or special costumes. However, most game content can be unlocked without real money.

“In the coming weeks” Microsoft wants to announce more details. Basically, mouse and keyboard already work on the Xbox. At the operating system level, users can enter and send messages using a keyboard. Using adapters that translate keyboard input into virtual gamepad inputs, you can now control games with your mouse and keyboard – but that does not work perfectly.

There Have Been Promises For A Long Time

Microsoft has been talking for years about offering support for the mouse and keyboard on the Xbox – heise online already reported on such a promise a year ago. Has done nothing since then. The new announcement is more official than the previous verbal assurances by the blog entry. Also, Microsoft calls for the first time a timeframe (“in the coming weeks”), even if this is still quite spongy.

Support for mouse and keyboard on consoles is controversial: Especially in competitive online shooters, mouse players have a significant advantage over gamepad consoles. This advantage is so great that developers would have to send mouse and gamepad players to different servers. This would divide the players, however, in two camps. For players, this often means longer waiting times and emptier servers. Also, it is questionable whether many players would grab the mouse: On the sofa, the gamepad is then more pleasant.