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Xbox One Games Can Also Be Controlled With Mouse And Keyboard

Xbox One games can also be controlled with mouse and keyboard in the future, if the developers consider this input option to be useful. Microsoft wants to give the studios the possibility to incorporate mouse and keyboard support into their game as an alternative to the gamepad.

The company emphasizes in the Microsoft blog that mouse and keyboard are still optional on the Xbox One. Developers are not forced to include support in their game. How widespread mouse control becomes in console games depends on the game developers themselves. Microsoft only provides infrastructure and expertise. According to the company, both wired and wireless mice and keyboards will work.

Warframe Is The First Game Supported

The first game to be officially controlled on Xbox with mouse and keyboard is the cooperative online shooter Warframe.  Warframe is an online action game set in a science fiction world. Divided is the game in different missions, which one selects over a map of the solar system and thus goes on different planets. Up to four people, up to eight on difficult missions, work together in Warframe to meet their mission goals. These may consist of fighting certain enemies, collecting data, protecting artefacts, or simply surviving as long as possible. With each mission, you also learn more about the world behind the game. You can also check for Warframe platinum discount codes.

All Tenno wear a so-called Warframe, a battle suit that you can choose at the beginning of the game. Each Warframe has its abilities that can be upgraded with experience points throughout the game. Also, each Tenno is equipped with three weapons, including at least one long-range and one melee weapon. Warframe is played in a third-person perspective. The players do not only have to fight but also climb the levels in Parkour fashion. The Tenno can not only jump, sprint and roll, but also walk along walls for a short time or do double jumps. Warframe is a so-called Free2Play title, which is financed by micropayment. For real money, you can acquire content such as weapons, warframes or special costumes. However, most game content can be unlocked without real money.

“In the coming weeks” Microsoft wants to announce more details. Basically, mouse and keyboard already work on the Xbox. At the operating system level, users can enter and send messages using a keyboard. Using adapters that translate keyboard input into virtual gamepad inputs, you can now control games with your mouse and keyboard – but that does not work perfectly.

There Have Been Promises For A Long Time

Microsoft has been talking for years about offering support for the mouse and keyboard on the Xbox – heise online already reported on such a promise a year ago. Has done nothing since then. The new announcement is more official than the previous verbal assurances by the blog entry. Also, Microsoft calls for the first time a timeframe (“in the coming weeks”), even if this is still quite spongy.

Support for mouse and keyboard on consoles is controversial: Especially in competitive online shooters, mouse players have a significant advantage over gamepad consoles. This advantage is so great that developers would have to send mouse and gamepad players to different servers. This would divide the players, however, in two camps. For players, this often means longer waiting times and emptier servers. Also, it is questionable whether many players would grab the mouse: On the sofa, the gamepad is then more pleasant.

Characteristics Narration of Issac in Super Smash Flash 2

Issac Narration Intro

Are you people are very interested in playing video games? Yes, playing video games gives new enthusiastic and more relaxation to the mind. Or video games really delay the learning ability, makes us behave violently or else affect the physical health? No, absolutely not. While it is the best time pass system for the people who are in frustrated.  You will have more opportunities to have a fun in this game. Actually, the game can be played with the help of the keyboards using the special keys.

Super Smash Flash 2 Intro

Super Smash Flash 2 Unblocked is a game of adventure and real-time game with battles. It is a game that creates more energy in the mind of the players when at the time of playing.  It is the game can be played directly with the computers or played even with your friends using the special keys. While playing this game the players never feel bored and it goes in a way. There are many more characters are participated in this game with the special characteristics, styles and also with the power for each one.

Narration About Issac

Issac is a very unique character in the smash flash game. He will be recognized by the “Golden Sun”. He has the ability to punish all the enemies with the special moves provided for them. The special moves provided for him like down tilt hitbox, down smash, forward tilt, aerial attacks combo very well with the opposite enemy making them feel deadly. About his weapon and armor, he will be provided with the short sword and his armor is his cotton skirt. He also has 2 herbs additionally, for the purpose of the character is getting harmed during the time of the battle. He had the choice of unlocking only the players played at least 200 times brawls in the game.

Issac hits the enemy very forcibly and gets the damage percentage value according to the hit rate they completed. The best part of the character Issac is, he is having the short sword with the help of the sword he beats the enemy in his way. By hitting in the sword the enemy gets busted and he will be awarded the more grade point that he will never ever earn. While beating the enemy he will be portrayed as a hero of the game.

The Fifth Vintage Computing Festival Berlin

The fifth Vintage Computing Festival Berlin (VCFB) last weekend attracted more than 2,600 visitors to the German Museum of Technology. One of the focal points was the topic “50 Years of the GUI” , to which a special exhibition was dedicated. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the “Mother of all Demos” , the organizers chose the special theme GUI this year. Interested parties were able to try out the GEOS and Final Cartridge III C64 GUIs, a NeXT workstation, an Apple IIGS, the Magic Cap PDA system, the Sinclair File Browser Vision and the Plan 9 operating system.

When trying out first noticed that the self-evident standards for file operations such as saving, loading and copying or in the operation of text and graphics programs are missing – each manufacturer has cooked his own earlier soup. Also due to lack of standardization, the transfer of files from one computer to another on classic platforms can sometimes develop into a rocket science endeavor.

In addition, it was noted that some systems were far ahead of their time and some interesting approaches may have been wrongly forgotten. The Apple IIGS under the system Apple GS / OS and the NeXTcube under the system NeXTSTEP feel surprisingly modern. NeXTSTEP particularly liked the hierarchical, context-based list menu.

From 1990, General Magic had developed the object-oriented PDA operating system Magic Cap. Magic Cap was licensed by Motorola and Sony and used on handhelds like the Sony PIC-1000 and the Motorola Envoy 100. Among other things, these devices provided e-mail functions, address and notebook, calendar, spreadsheet and telephone calls. The Icras DataRover 840 handheld even had a web browser on board.

Magic Cap’s visual interface follows a “room metaphor” where system functions and applications are distributed across rooms such as “desk” (for personal data), “hallway” for local applications, and “downtown” for external services.

The developers of General Magic knit on a separate, mobile agent-based programming language for distributed applications under the name Telescript. This language has never found its way into commercial application. The exhibitor Fritz Hohl also presented the innovative concept from today’s perspective in a lecture in English.

The exhibitor Angelo Papenhoff had the UNIX graphics terminal Blit and the operating systems Smalltalk 76 and Plan 9 as an emulation in the luggage and presented them as well . Above all, Plan 9 and the accompanying editor Acme, which was inspired by Niklaus Wirths Oberon, are convincing to try. One of the special things about this system is that (compared to UNIX) the graphical user interface and the network are not added later but are an integral part of the design. Each process has its own namespace in Plan 9 and can compile a file tree as needed.

This pushes the UNIX philosophy of “everything is a file” to the extreme. The window system rio has a directory for each window, which makes content (text and image), properties (position and title) as well as associated input and output channels (analogous to UNIXs / dev / tty) available as files. The VCFB has been working on the 9front Raspberry Pi Port, a 9 Fork plan. An image of Bell Labs Plan 9 for all Raspberry Pis is already available for download.

The C64 Group was represented at the VCFB with two exhibitors. Martin Sauter presented a running GEOS from Berkeley Softworks. Apart from the (in the Vice Emulator well experienced) low working speed, the graphical text editor GEOWRITE also seems quite useful from today’s perspective. The C64 Club Berlin presented, among other things, the operating system Final Cartridge III and the image editing software Digison. The opportunity to take a portrait photo with a digital camera, C64, Digison and dot matrix printer has been widely used.

Also on the C64 front is busily working. Under the direction of the developer Gregory Nacu, a modern graphical operating system is being developed under the name C64 OS . The development of current software for classic platforms is therefore not limited to the demoscene. The exhibitor Sebastian Bach also showed new games for classic computers and consoles at the VCFB.

At the VCFB, hobbyists, technicians, collectors, scientists, gamers and other computer-minded people got their money’s worth. The historical development of IT and of graphical user interfaces turns out to be a manifold branching search movement in which a lot of things are tried, picked up and rejected. At the VCFB, this genesis of IT standards can be traced back to the living object (that is, on the running computer). With gigahertz-fast multi-core processors and terabyte storage volumes in mind, the VCFB is reminding that you can do a lot even with less lavishly equipped machines.

Discord Offers Subscription Service For Games

Discord has opened its Discord Game Store for all users. In the download shop are currently more than 70 games to find, ranging from simulations on first-person shooters to role-playing games. With the “Premiere at Discord” campaign, the company intends to regularly win new developers who publish their titles exclusively in the Discord Game Store for a period of 90 days.

Exclusive titles in the store include the top-down action game At Sundown, the real-time strategy game Bad North, the Beat’em Up King of the Hat, the tower defense title Minion Masters and the action RPG Sinner: Sacrifice available for Redemption.

For the launch of Discord Store Discord has also adapted its subscription service Nitro . Nitro subscribers have received a number of benefits such as animated avatars, better image quality, and a file upload limit for $ 4.99 a month. This subscription model will continue to exist in the form of Nitro Classic.

New is a second subscription model for $ 9.99 a month. Nitro subscribers get here in addition to the well-known chat and upload extras and a game subscription. As part of this, they have free access to a total of 60 games from the Discord Store Library. The songs can be downloaded, installed and played by subscription for free. In the selection you can find classics like Limbo, Super Meat Boy, Brütal Legend, Metro: Last Light Redux and the Darksiders series.

According to their own statements, Discord wants to expand the Nitro library by new games at regular intervals, but older titles will be removed from the Nitro selection. Already created cloud scores remain, however. In addition to the curated Game Store, Discord also offers a Universal Library for PC users. If desired, the tool will scan the computer for installed games and summarize them in a library – whether purchased through Steam or another service. Clicking on the game in the Discord Library starts the corresponding launcher.

The Video Game History

Video games today are trading in excess of two hundred billion dollars and are used (played by two billion people). These are frightfully large numbers, but what if we told you that these are not the main features of the gaming industry? If we told you that attention on this world must be focused on something else? Towards culture, for example?

The author, Lorenzo Mosna, teaches History and theory of video games at the Civic Schools of Milan, is a video game critic, he writes (and wrote) video games on many newspapers. Homo ludens, man is a being made (also) to play and entertain himself. Historian Johan Huizinga supported him in the late 1930s. Play has always played a fundamental role in shaping cultures and societies, so much so that some games have been able to go beyond the boundaries of peoples and overcome linguistic barriers . But not only: the playful aspects have accompanied, in some cases, catalyzed, scientific discoveries and innovations.

This happened also at the dawn of computer science: in the laboratories where computers were designed, the first video games were born , and with them a new tool capable of creating a gaming experience mediated by a screen and a controller. In other words, a medium was born that in just half a century has been able to reach every continent , often displacing and breaking public opinion. The story that has transformed the intuition of a bunch of bored nerds into a multimillion-dollar industry is one of those stories punctuated by successes and failures, deaths and rebirths, dusty garages and visions, joys and sorrows.

That of video games is often submerged, unknown or ignored , sometimes at the edge of the urban legend. A story that deserves to be told and that the author does impeccably . Only giving a quick glance to the index of the book we can understand how much precision and fastidiousness is behind each chapter in a narrative construction that started in the early days of video games, and comes to recount and sports and the opening of the International Olympic Committee , passing through fundamental chapters such as role-playing games, shooters, the sports genre and the much-discussed life simulator.

Among the one hundred and thirty pages of Mosna there is space for all of us, for our old passions, for our eternal video game parafilias and for the latest discoveries, which maybe we follow as simple enthusiasts eager to stay up to date on everything or as parents / controllers . A book to read without ifs and buts and to keep always on hand, because the references and the need to resume some pages carefully explained will be inevitable .