Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil !

Lavender Essential oil is most profitable and reliable oil for everyone. If you know something about Essential Oils then you need to use Lavender Essential Oil in your daily life. Lavender oil made from Lavender’s plants. So it is completely natural and profitable.

There are so many benefits of Lavender essential oil. And today I am going to tell you some best and profitable benefits of lavender essential oil. You can use this oil for your maximum disease and physical problems because this oil have so many features and power to kill bacteria.

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Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Generally we can use lavender essential oil as antiseptic. We can use it as an pain remover for our body. This oil have so many qualities of pain remover and antiseptic so it can be used to kill bacteria and insects.

Benefit 1. Use Lavender oil for Eyes

We can use lavender oil for healthy eyes because it will make fresh your eyes. For it you need to take half liter water and some drops of lavender oil then mix them very well. Now you need to take a cotton ball then drop it in this mixture. Now you need to take it on eyes for five minutes. Now it will make fresh your eyes and also increase your eye sight.

Benefit 2. Use Lavender oil for Headache and Migraine

For your knowledge I want to tell you that lavender oil has a smell that is very good for body. If you will always connected to lavender oil then it will skip you from headache and migraine. It will make you fully physically and mentally fit.

Benefit 3. Use Lavender Oil for Sleep

If you are facing any problem in sleeping then you need to take lavender essential oil. It have some qualities to make you confortable. It will help you in good sleep. It will increase sleeping time and also skip you from tension and migration.

Everyone know that lack of sleeping time cause so many disease. So if you will use lavender oil then it will help you to relax in night and also increase you sleeping time so you can skip from so many dangerous disease.

Benefit 4. Use Lavender essential oil for wound and scratches

This is most important use and benefit of lavender essential oil. You know that lavender oil have qualities of antiseptic so it can help to increase cells number in your body and also help in would tissues. If you have some wound and scratch on your body then you need to use lavender oil because it will work as an antiseptic. It will also help in you have wound of fire and sun burn. If you want to make your body healthy and want to save money then you can use lavender oil for treatment of some diseases.

Benefit 5. Use Lavender Essential Oil in Tension

This is a common problem of all person in this world. You know that every person have so many tension and no one is living without any tension. So lavender oil is a very good treatment of your tension. If you will use lavender essential oil then you can say good bye your tension and work very well in any field. It is a very good tonic for our nervous system. If you can manage your nervous system then you can win this world.

If you will use lavender essential oil then you can remove pressure from your nervous system and then it will work correctly and it will give you a very good relief. So if you want relax and relief from your hard work and after your work then you need to use lavender essential oil regularly.

Benefit 6. Use Lavender Essential Oil for Digestion System

If you have a strong background in biology then you know that digestion system is very important for our body. So what will be work of lavender essential oil for digestion system. Lavender essential oil will give a important relief to your digestion system and it will also increase speed of work of small and big intestine. It will also help your liver to do work very well.

So finally we can say that lavender essential oil will stop your some disease that relate you your stomach. So we can say that you can treatment of stomach pain , vomiting and diarrhea.

Benefit 7. Use Lavender Essential Oil for Skin

I know that you are waiting for this topic. How can it possible that we are talking about an essential oil and we are not using it for skin. I have already described a topic that relates to skin and that is wound and scratch. I have told you  that you can use lavender oil for treatment of wound , scratch , sun burn and other skin related disease.

Now I want to say you that lavender essential oil also can help you to remove black and white spots from your skin. If you have any problem in your skin then you can use this oil without any hesitation and it will definitely work for your skin.

Conclusion :

“Lavender Essential Oils can change your way to live life.” I think now you can say that piece of line to anyone as we have described so many benefits of Lavender Essential Oils very well. I have do my best in this article to give you some real and positive information that can help you in your personal life. That is my duty to tell you that if you want to use Lavender oil for anything then you need to take a suggestion from a doctor or a specialist because this oil also can harm your body if you are using it in wrong method.

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